United States classic leather COACH brand, renowned for its simple, durable style win consumers love. And has lasting Milton new of reputation of Coach Factory Outlet package package, initially of design inspiration was from Yu a only softball gloves, brand founded people Miles Cahn in once watch softball game of site, surprised to found softball gloves has more with more smooth, and more soft of characteristics, so he back Hou on try with will leather special processing, makes of more soft, has easily bleaching, and wear of characteristics, and as long as simple using wet cloth wipe, on can keep leather of perfect as new, certainly such durable convenience of design, Loved by the majority of consumers at once!

Best COACH on behalf of American fashion innovative style and tradition, in a compact and durable style win consumers ' favorite, which maintained a high standard of quality in materials and processes, that throughout the branding purposes, is the cornerstone of success.

1941 COACH was first established, is made up of six cobbler master management from leather family, is the United States's oldest and one of the most successful leather products company. Since then, COACH unique craftsmanship and high quality made by those who are particular about the quality of customers. It is said that COACH Miles Cahn, the founder was originally obtained from a traditional pair of mittens made of inspiration. He found baseball gloves more smoother, so he is building on its technology, and after careful processing, rugged leather baseball glove became soft and durable. This leather has a fascinating natural grain, and does not require complex maintenance tips, keeps original appearance.

Now, after more than half a century, COACH leather factories are still run by sophisticated leather master is responsible for, most of them more than 20 years of experience in leather, filled with love for leather craft and professional, therefore, for every COACH master cobbler, and COACH is more than just a brand name, but their painstaking care crystallization and inheritance.

Slowly, the innovation has worked, COACH company's sales began to pick up. Well-designed and reliable quality COACH go back to people's attention, and rapidly regain market share. After more than 10 years of development, until the end of 2006, the company's market value has nearly $18 billion, become a fashion leader.

Coach Development course

  • In 1963 in "the New Yorker" magazine launched the first advertising;
  • In 1973 the first birth Duffle Sac;
  • 1979 Lew Frankfort joined the COACH team;
  • in 1980 for the first table of contents;
  • 1981 COACH in "Preppy Handbook" a book becomes popular representatives opened its first flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York;
  • 1985 Sara Lee acquired COACH;
  • 1992 introduced ready-to-wear collections;
  • 1997 Reed Krakoff to join COACH;
  • 1998 COACH expand the international market; introduced the first mixed material bag, and authorized production COACH men and women watches;
  • 1999 COACH website was born; launched men and women shoes, furniture and other series; 2000 COACH stock market;
  • In 2000 Reed Krakoff received the CFDA Annual Accessories Design Award; introduced C Logo (Signature), jewelry, travel and other series; the United States,
  • In 2001 Tokyo Shibuya store opening in 2003 Tokyo Ginza flagship store opened in 2002;
  • 2003 launch of a small C Logo (Mini Signature) series;
  • 2004 Reed Krakoff was the second CFDA annual accessories design awards;
  • 2005 COACH New York Madison Avenue first flagship store reopened;
  • 2006 flagship store opened in Zhongshan, Taiwan; COACH celebrate the 65th anniversary of the introduction of rooted in the history of the Legacy series;
  • 2007 Reed Krakoff nominated as vice chairman of the CFDA post, a symbol of its importance in the US fashion industry;
  • In 2016 , Coach in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and China